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  • Webinars:
    • January: Fluency: Much More than Speed! With Nancy Cushen White, Ed.D.
    • February: Myths About Dyslexia, with Susan Barton
    • March: Reading Like a Detective: CSI is on the Case! With Nancy Hennessy
    • April: Writing Fluency: Cadence, Power, Rhythm, and Movement, with Judy Fuhrman
    • May: Using Visual Supports to Improve Learning and Behavior, with Andy Stetkevich
    • June: Using Response to Intervention (RTi) to Become the Teacher You Always Wanted to be – Incorporating Strategies from the Orton-GIllingham System, with Carol S. Fitzpatrick
    • July: Writing Strategies for the Reluctant Writer, with Regina Richards
  • 36th Annual 2-Day Conference: The Science of Reading – February 28 and March 1
    • Video: The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
    • Dr. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz
      • The Science of Dyslexia: Translating Research into Policy and Practice – It’s Time!
    • Andy Stetkevich
      • Word Play: Making Language Fun
  • Community Events
    • March: BINGO – FUN and Exciting Fundraising Event


  • Webinars
    • February: Managing Dyslexia from Childhood Needs into Adult Reality, with Douglas Baker
    • April: Spelling Made Easier, with Regina Richards
    • May: Reading Comprehension: Helping Your Students to Make Inferences, with Andy Stetkevich
    • June: Putting First Things First: How Effective People Get Things Done, with Dr. Lanelle Gordin
    • July: Basic Facts of Dyslexia, with Elaine Offstein
    • August: Dysgraphia: When Writing’s a Problem, with Regina Richards
    • September: Vocabulary Webinar – Bringing Words to Life, with Regina Richards
    • November: Phonemic Awareness – Matching the Puzzle Pieces of Print into Sounds, with Regina Manning
  • 35th Annual 2-Day Conference: Unlocking Mysteries of Learning – March 1 and 2
    • Sandra Reif
      • Managing ADHD, Behavioral, and Executive Functioning Challenges
    • Morri Spang
      • Building Conceptual Mathematics Understanding at School and at Home Through Problem Solving
  • October: 4th Annual Dyslexia Dash – 5K/1K Run/Walk for Literacy through Fairmount Park
  • Community Events
    • July: BINGO: A Fun and Exciting Fundraising Event
    • October: Video – The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
    • October: Video – F.A.T. City: How Difficult Can This Be?
    • October: Read a Book, Dream a World, with Karen Rae Kraut


  • Webinars
    • January: The Reluctant Writer: Reversing Students’ Hesitancy to Write, with Regina Richards
    • February: Technology for Students, Teachers, and Parents of Different Learners, with Tracy Hutchinson
    • May: Vocabulary: Planting “Roots” of Academic Success, with Andy Stetkevich
    • June: Reading Comprehension: What is Involved and Strategies to Enhance Comprehension with All Learners, Especially Those Who Learn Differently, with Kim Lowe
    • August: Everyday Technologies for a Wordy World: Accessibility Tools for Reading and Writing Tasks, with Tedra Trimm
    • November: Early Intervention for Reading, with Regina Richards
    • December: Transitioning to College for the Dyslexic, LD, and ADHD Student, with Sharon Teruya
  • January: Legal Rights and Advocacy Workshop with Janeen Steel, Esq.
  • 34th Annual 2-Day Conference: Light Up Your Lobes – March 2 & 3
    • Dr. Jane Bernstein
      • Brains Don’t Work in a Vacuum: Developmental Neuropsychology, Learning, and Teaching, with focus on strategies for parents and educators
      • NVLD? One or many?
    • Dr. Cheryl Chase-Carmichael
      • Executive Functions: What are they, why are they important, and how can I help?
  • April 22: 3rd Annual Dyslexia Dash - 5K/1K Run/Walk through Fairmount Park
  • Community Events
    • October – Children’s Author Event: Having FUN with reading


  • Webinars:
    • January: Exploring Literacy’s Mysteries – “Strategies that Work – the Value of Multisensory Teaching” with Kim Lowe (free)
    • May: “Fun and Engaging Ways to Learn” with Andy Stetkevich (free) – presentation available
    • November: “Using Metacognitive Skills to Enhance Learning and Retention” with Dr. Maureen Lovett
  • 33rd Annual 2-day Conference: Our Mysterious Brain
    • Dr. Maryanne Wolfe
      • Principles of Reading Fluency and Comprehension
      • The Evolving Reading Brain in the Digital Age – presentation available
    • Dr. Leonard R. “Skip” Baker
      • Learning with the Brain in Mind
  • April - 2nd Annual Dyslexia Dash – a 5K/1K run/walk through Fairmount Park
  • July – Intensive Orton Gillingham teacher training, with scholarships
  • Community Meetings:
    • October – “Children’s Author Event” with Matthew Gollub in Corona
    • October – “An Afternoon with Jane Healy” in Glendora
    • December – Legal Rights Workshop in Rancho Santa Margarita
  •  Website, newsletters, and monthly E-news programs continue


  • Community (free) Meetings:
    • May: “LD: What You Want to Know” in Corona
    • October: “Dyslexia: Discover the Creative Brain” in San Bernardino
    • November: “Children’s Author Event” with Carolyn Arnold in Rubidoux
  • Webinars (free) – Exploring Literacy’s Mysteries
    • October: “Understanding the Basics of Dyslexia – the Creative Brain”
    • December: “Modern Rosetta Stones – Technologies to Receive and Decode the Written Word”
  • 32nd Annual Conference – 2 day event, Our Wonderful Mysterious Brain: The Science of Learning
    • Speakers:
      • Rick Lavoie, “The Motivation Breakthrough”
      • C. Wilson Anderson, “Practical Classroom and Direct Teaching Strategies”
  • April - 1st  Annual Dyslexia Dash – a 5K/1K run/walk through Fairmount Park
  • Awarded 14 scholarships to local and national events
  • Website, newsletters, and monthly E-news programs continue



  • Community  (free) Meetings:
    • March “Dyslexia”
    • May “Technology” in Corona
    • October events in Riverside, San Juan Capistrano, Las Vegas
  • Adult Literacy Classes begin in March
  • Two-day Annual Conference, Overcoming Obstacles to Learning” with Dr. Gordon Sherman, Deadra Ledet-Rosenberg, and Dr. Marcia K. Henry



  • Community (free) Meetings:
    • March: “Organize Your Way to An ‘A’”
    • May: “Walk in the Shoes of LD” (in Temecula)
    • October: “Family Fun with Reading”
  • Two-day workshop in February
    • Overcoming Obstacles to Learning
    • Speakers: Dr. Gordon Sherman, Dee Rosenberg, Dr. Marcia Kelley, Patti Albright
    • Provided multiple scholarships
  • Website, newsletters, and monthly E-news programs continue



  • Community (free) Meetings:
    • May: “Dyslexia Awareness Panel”
    • October: “Ennis' Gift DVD Workshop”
  • Two-day workshop in February
    • Research to Practice Conference
    • Speakers: Dr. George Hynd and Duke Kelly
    • Provided multiple scholarships
  • October - Dyslexia Awareness Month Proclamations
  • Intensive summer Orton-Gillingham training workshops, with scholarships available
  • Website, newsletters, and monthly E-news programs continue



  • Committee (free) Meetings:
    • January “Walk in the Shoes of LD”
    • May “Every Child Reading”
    • September “Walk in the Shoes of LD”
  • Two-day workshop in March
    • Research to Practice with G. Reid Lyon, PhD; Suzanne Carreker; Nancy Swigert, MA
    • Provided multiple scholarships for workshop
  • October:
    • Obtained 27 Proclamations from local mayors and counties to honor National Dyslexia Awareness Month
    • Many PR events
  • Website, newsletters, and monthly E-news programs continue

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