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So. Cal. Tri-Counties Branch

Our So. Cal. Tri-Counties Branch of the IDA

Membership and Donations

Membership to IDA and Making Donations

Membership Benefits

--- Top 10 Reasons to Join IDA

Join with Others to Make a Difference
Anyone interested in IDA and its mission can become a member -- individuals with dyslexia and their families, educators, school administrators, researchers, physicians, psychologists, and policy makers, to name just a few examples. As a member of The International Dyslexia Association (IDA), you’ll join forces with more than 13,000 others who want individuals with dyslexia to realize their fullest potential. The voice of our members is heard among educators, professionals, and policy makers in the United States and abroad. By joining the IDA, you strengthen the voice of people with dyslexia and enhance their ability to benefit from early intervention and effective teaching methods.

Receive Updates about Dyslexia & Related Issues
Members automatically receive information from National IDA as well as from the So. Cal. Tri-Counties Branch. Our publications provide the latest information about legal and legislative issues, medical and educational research, and technology. Information relates to a variety of learning issues. Member also receive special access on the national web site.

Specific Benefits:

Other Benefits:

Membership Fees

$45.00 Parent - individual dyslexic, parent, family member, indiv. general supporter
$80.00 Advocate  
$95.00 Professional - Educational Therapist, Allied Professional
$135.00   2-member household/family
$60.00 Senior - retired
$25.00 Students  
$135.00   2-member household/family
$2500.00   Lifetime membership
$495.00 Corporate/business Professional  
$395.00   Educational Institution
$15.00   Member-Only annual subscription to print edition of Annals Of Dyslexia (2 Volumes). Unlimited online access free as member benefit. ( * Only for -Profit Organizations are Eligible for Corporate Levels.)


Optional - Special interest Groups

Optional special interest groups offer a suite of customized benefits within a community of like-minded professional interests. More information on membership form.

How to Become a Member
Fill out this online Membership Form (see below) and submit it to IDA Headquarters via our secure link OR print the form, fill it out, and fax or mail it to Headquarters (see bottom of form for contact information).

Membership Application Form - Sign Up Here

How to Renew Membership
Current members may renew their membership online by filling out the Membership Form. Be sure to include the Member ID as it appears in the upper left hand corner of your renewal notice. Acknowledgement of payment will be sent approximately 14 days from submission of renewal application. A "Note" box is provided at the bottom of the form so you can let us know if any of your member information has changed. Please indicate which areas need to be updated so our database will have your most current information.

Thank you for becoming a member of IDA and the IEB. We welcome you in our mission of: Facilitating Literacy Success in Our Communities


Questions About Membership?

national IDA

Office Hours are:
8:30am - 4:30pm eastern




Our funding is derived from a portion of member's dues, conferences, small raffles, and corporate donations. We thank our major contributor this year:

The Jeannette C. McIntyre and Frederick (Lash) McIntyre Foundation for their continuing support of our literacy and public awareness programs.

Contributions are welcome.

We invite you to join the informed and committed group of companies and individuals who recognize an opportunity to make a difference. Your tax-deductible contribution is gratefully accepted by:


You may designate any donation as “non-restricted” or you may contribute directly to the Dovid Richards Memorial Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for training and conferences for local teachers and active parents.

The International Dyslexia Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; donations are tax deductible, as is the So. Cal. Tri-Counties Branch. With your generous support, IEB can continue to improve the lives of individuals with dyslexia.

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