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So. Cal. Tri-Counties Branch

Our So. Cal. Tri-Counties Branch of the IDA

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Wow!  I just finished reading the newest edition of The Resource on-line.  (Was I the first?)  It’s beautiful—full of pertinent articles, wake-up colors, and great up-coming events!  I enjoyed every word and thank those responsible for its creation.

Best wishes, Patrice Kaska August 2011

"I am dyslexic and your site has introduced me to my 15 year old lazy messy Dysgraphic son for the first time. I never thought of him as dyslexic but had never heard of dysgraphia. That’s my Jack. Thank you. I am also an Art teacher in a secondary school and have never heard any of the English teachers use this term before. They will hear of it tomorrow. I can assure you. Thanks!!"

Jo Drury, Victoria, September 2005

"I wanted to let you know that I have started using the workshop idea with the letters on popsicle sticks and the kids really enjoy spelling and being able to move. Also I have the “SLANT” strategy taped to the desks of a couple of my “zoners” so I can just tap the card and remind the student to attend. It’s so so very helpful – takes less time and verbage to get the back on task. Thanks! The IEB events are the best!"

Gwen Mason, Moreno Valley, May 2005

Comments after February workshop on comprehension:

Comments after March workshop on memory:

Comments after September workshop on Green Light Teaching Strategies:

Regarding the October 13, 2012 Children’s Literacy Event ---
I love the way the stories were presented to the children, the stories were great. My son learned to appreciate reading more now.  Thanks.
Maria Alonso

My daughter is dyslexic and I enjoyed and valued the information and the time you spent to teach us more about dyslexia and what we can do to help my daughter. Thank you.
Maria Alonso

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