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So. Cal. Tri-Counties Branch

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California Treatment Services

Listed below is the contact information of professionals from our Referral for Services Database.

They are members of our organization who have indicated that they are able to provide services for the dyslexic community. IDA does not recommend or endorse any individual, business, school or program. We provide these contacts to help you network with those involved in the issues of dyslexia.

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Importantly, IDA cautions parents who are looking for instructors, clinicians, schools, and programs to be very thorough in their review of programs and services that claim to treat dyslexia or “cure” dyslexia. In this era of internet advertising, claims are frequently made about therapies and treatment programs that have little or no scientific merit. Claims about the effectiveness of some widely advertised programs and/or their components may be unsubstantiated by objective, independent research, and the practitioners of those programs and methods may not have met customary standards for training in the field.

Service Providers

Are you a service provider interesting in working with students and adults who have a learning difficulty? If so, and if you wish to be included in our above listing of treatment services, please contact ¬†We’d love to have you on our list!

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